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Introduction of Electric Vibration Bluetooth Eye Massager:

Transform your daily relaxation routine with our advanced Eye Massager, the ultimate solution for soothing tired eyes and alleviating stress. Bid goodbye to eye pressure as this innovative device caters to your well-being by managing the common challenges of modern life. Elevate your self-care game with our Eye Massager designed to bring comfort and relief right to your eyes.


  • Advanced Technology: Featuring state-of-the-art Bluetooth wireless connectivity for seamless operation.
  • Adaptable Modes: Enjoy a variety of massage modes custom to your preferences.
  • Portable Design: Compact and weightless, perfect for on-the-go relaxation.


  • Initial Learning Curve: Some users may require a short adjustment period.
  • Limited Battery Life: Extended use may necessitate frequent recharging.
  • Price Point: Positioned as a premium product, affordability may be a consideration.

Product Features of Eye Massager:

Unveil a new world of relaxation with our Eye Massager:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connect effortlessly to your devices for a personalized experience.
  • Customizable Modes: Choose from various massage techniques, adapting to your unique comfort level.
  • Sleek and Portable: Ergonomically designed for ease of use and portability, making it a travel-friendly companion.

Benefits and Value Proposition:

Indulge in the luxury of refreshed eyes:

Experience outstanding relaxation and reduced eye fatigue.

Improve blood circulation and shed tension for improved well-being.

Our Eye Massager seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, adding absolute value to your daily routine.

How to Use Eye Massager:

  1. Connect to Bluetooth and select your preferred mode.
  2. Place the eye massager comfortably on your eyes.
  3. Relax and enjoy the refreshing massage.
  4. Tips: Adjust settings to find your perfect massage intensity and use regularly for optimal benefits.


  • Working Time: 15 minutes / EachTime
  • Vibration Frequency: 8000-10000
  • Standby Time: 30 Days
  • Size: Medium
  • Power: MAX 7.8W
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: Bluetooth Eye Massager
  • Memory Size: 128bit
  • Material: ABS & TPR
  • Massage principle: Air pressure / Heat / Vibration / Music
  • Main Unit Size: about 180*53*48mm
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Charging Time: 5 hours
  • Certification: CE
  • Brand Name: SALORIE
  • Battery Capacity: 1200MAH
  • Application: Eyes

Customer Testimonials or Reviews:

1. Relaxing Oasis for my Eyes!

Ever since I welcomed the Eye Massager into my daily routine, my tired eyes have found their sanctuary. This incredible device is not just a gadget; it's a soothing retreat for my overworked eyes. The gentle vibrations and warmth create a spa-like experience right in the comfort of my home. The Eye Massager has become my go-to solution after long hours in front of the screen. It's more than just a purchase; it's a daily dose of relaxation for my eyes. If you're looking for a rejuvenating escape for your eyes, this is the one-stop solution!

2. Say Goodbye to Eye Strain!

As someone who spends hours staring at a computer screen, finding relief for my tired eyes was a constant struggle. Enter the Eye Massager – a game-changer in my daily routine! The intelligent design and customizable settings cater to my specific needs, providing a targeted and effective eye massage. The compact and portable nature of this device ensures that relaxation is just a click away, whether at home or on the go. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to a more relaxed, focused version of yourself. The Eye Massager is not just a gadget; it's a lifesaver for anyone dealing with digital eye fatigue.

Buy Now Our Advanced Bluetooth Eye Massager – Ideal for Stress Relief

Upgrade your self-care journey now! Engage yourself in relaxation and order our Eye Massager today. Limited-time promotions await, guaranteeing you secure this premium device at an unbeatable value. Treat your eyes to the care they deserve – act now!

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Electric Vibration Bluetooth Eye Massager

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Eye Massager
Electric Vibration Bluetooth Eye Massager
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