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Introduction of Poster Frames:

Elevate your wall decor with our stylish Poster Frames. Whether you're showcasing artwork, family photos, or memorable events, our frames add a touch of sophistication to any space. Designed for durability and easy installation, these frames ensure your posters stay protected while looking their best. If you're in Texas and looking for affordable yet high-quality frames, our selection has you covered. Choose from a variety of styles, including our popular 14x11 poster frames.


Find the Best 14x11 Poster Frames in Texas!

Available in seven sizes and three framing colors, these archive-worthy ink and photo paper improve any applied design. A premium hardware inclusion on the backside guarantees clean hanging; making sure that the excellent horizontal poster’s design reaches across as it should. The frame is made of MDF - a motion pointing toward ecological friendliness.



LexJet Premium 200 GSM Paper

Protective acrylic cover

Frames available in walnut, black, and white finishes

The hanging kit is already fixed

Matte paper finish


Pros and Cons of Poster Frames:


  1. Durable Construction: Made with sturdy materials to ensure longevity.
  2. Easy Installation: Includes mounting hardware for hassle-free setup.
  3. Versatile Design: Suitable for a range of posters, photos, and artwork.



  1. Limited Sizes: This may not accommodate all poster dimensions.
  2. Price Variation: Higher-quality frames can be more expensive.
  3. Cleaning Requirements: Glass or acrylic surfaces require regular cleaning to maintain clarity.


Product Features of Poster Frames:

Discover the features that make our Poster Frames a must-have for your home or office:

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable wood, metal, or acrylic for lasting performance.
  • Secure Closure: Keeps posters and artwork safely in place without slipping.
  • Various Styles and Finishes: Choose from different colors and designs to match your decor.
  • Protective Glass or Acrylic: Offers clear visibility while protecting your posters from dust and damage.
  • Wall-Mountable: Easy to hang with included mounting hardware.


Benefits and Value Proposition of Poster Frames:

Experience the benefits of our Poster Frames:

  • Enhanced Decor: Instantly upgrade the look of any room with framed posters or photos.
  • Protection: Keep your posters safe from dust, fading, and physical damage.
  • Customizable Display: Select the perfect frame to complement your style and personality.
  • Affordable Quality: Enjoy high-quality frames without breaking the bank.
  • Great for Gifts: Ideal for framing photos or artwork for special occasions and gifts.


How to Use Poster Frames?

  1. Open the frame's back panel to insert your poster or photo.
  2. Position your poster evenly within the frame and secure the back panel.
  3. Use the included mounting hardware to hang the frame on your wall.
  4. Adjust as needed to ensure the frame is level and securely mounted.
  5. Clean the glass or acrylic surface regularly to maintain a clear view of your poster.


Customer Testimonials or Reviews:

  • (If you're in Dallas, Texas, and need a poster with a frame, this is the best choice. I got this poster frame for my music room, and it's amazingIt's easy to open and close, which made putting in my 14x11 poster a breeze. The frame looks great, and I've gotten so many compliments on it!- Jamie W., Dallas, TX)


  • (I ordered this poster frame for my son's room in San Antonio, Texas. He has a lot of sports posters, and this frame for 14x11 posters was perfect. It's lightweight but sturdy, and it's easy to switch out the posters when he wants to change them. It's a great addition to his room.- Sarah K., San Antonio, TX)


Upgrade and Discover the Best Frames for 14x11 Posters with Elevate Electronics in Texas

Upgrade your wall decor with our stylish Poster Frames! Perfect for showcasing your favorite posters, photos, or artwork. Don't miss out on our exclusive offers—order now to give your walls a fresh new look. Get the best frames in Texas for an unbeatable price. Shop today!

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14x11 Poster Frames

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  • 14″ x 11″
  • 14x11 Poster Frames
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14x11 Poster Frames
14x11 Poster Frames
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